Call Push Rescue CPR training kit and Mini Anne Manikin from British Heart Foundation

CPR training kit
CPR training kit CPR training kit

CPR training kit

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What's Included?

The Call Push Rescue training kit comes with:

1 x Inflatable manikin

1 x Replacement manikin lung

5 x Cleaning wipes

1 x Pump and storage bag

1 x Kneeling pad

1 x Instructional DVD

1 x Instructional leaflet



More Information
Brand British Heart Foundation
Warranty (device only) 1-year

Call Push Rescue training kit

Learn CPR in 60 minutes at home or at work with this easy to use CPR training manikin and instructional video.

This CPR training kit contains everything you need to learn CPR. The manikin is robust, easy to inflate with the pump bag, and easy to keep clean. The instructional DVD explains in easy-to-follow steps how to set up the manikin and how to perform CPR.

With over 30,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year, early CPR is vital and can double the chances of survival. Learning to save a life is made easy with this CPR training kit and instructional DVD, and all for far less than the price of first aid training.


  • The ‘practice while watching’ instructional DVD teaches effective CPR skills along with everything you need to know to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest.
  • The manikin and instructional video provides an easy way for anyone to learn how to perform CPR.
  • The training kit is easy to set up and use for individuals and groups.
  • The manikin can be used to learn CPR with rescue breaths and hands-only CPR.
  • The manikin has an adjustable clicker to tell users that they are compressing to the correct depth.
  • The pump and storage bag provides a simple and hygienic way to inflate the manikin, and a convenient way to store the training kit.


  • 1 Inflatable manikin
  • 1 Replacement manikin lung
  • 5 Cleaning wipes
  • 1 Pump and storage bag
  • 1 Kneeling pad
  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 1 Instruction leaflet

Replacement Lungs – Pack of 10 can be purchased separately.

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