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image-of-defibsafe2-cabinet-unlocked image-of-side-view-defibsafe2-cabinet-unlocked DefibSafe 2 Unlocked External Defibrillator Cabinet

DefibSafe 2 Unlocked External Defibrillator Cabinet

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Brand IPAD (CU Medical)
Defibrillator storage material Polycarbonate
Warranty (device only) 10-years

DefibSafe 2 Unlocked External Defibrillator Cabinet

This cabinet is essential for storing and protecting an external or publicly accessible defibrillator. The unlocked cabinet protects the defibrillators from the weather and maintains a constant temperature to ensure the defibrillator battery is maintained in optimum working order.


  • Colour: Yellow for high visibility in all conditions, perfect for outdoor use
  • Material: Corrosion and impact resistant polyethylene.
  • IP 66 rated to ensure the defibrillator is protected from the elements all year round.
  • Single-handed, unlocked entry handle for easy access.
  • Internally lit by LED lighting.
  • Heated to ensure the cabinet maintains an internal temperature of between 5° and 25°.
  • Energy efficient low-voltage transformer for low running costs.
  • Unique location code to aid location information
  • 3 bolt fixing to wall
  • Unlocked for immediate access
  • 10 year warranty 
  • Compatible with all BHF stocked defibrillators.
  • Please note - Defibrillator not included.

Please note - the DefibSafe 2 Unlocked External Cabinet will need to be fitted by a qualified electrician.

The DS2 Cabinet requires a standard UK mains 230v connection

What's included:

DefibSafe2 Cabinet: Unlocked

Installation Manual

Installation Template

3 x Washers

1 x PVC Conduit Pipe

3 x Expansion Bolts

1 x UK Plug


External Dimensions:

Height: 625mm

Width: 440mm

Depth: 245mm

Depth including Lock Handle: 285mm

Internal Dimensions:

Floor to shelf – 330mm

Width – 285mm

Depth with door closed – 160mm

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