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image of ipad sp1 replacement battery pack
image of ipad sp1 replacement battery pack

iPAD SP1 Replacement Battery Pack

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More Information
Brand IPAD (CU Medical)
Estimated pad life
Up to 5 years
Estimated battery life 4-5 years
Compatibility iPAD SP1

Compatible with the iPAD SP1 Fully Automatic and the iPAD SP1 Semi Automatic. The battery has a 5 year lifespan, and when the unit is in standby mode and at operable temperatures, will carry out daily, weekly and monthly self tests to ensure that it is always rescue ready.


  • Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Oxide
  • Rechargeable: No
  • Warranty: 4 Years
  • Lifespan: Up to 5 Years

Battery health should be checked monthly to ensure your defibrillator is in good working order and ready to respond to an emergency.

Notices & Recalls


IPAD SP1 Recall Notice: Some iPAD SP1 and iPAD SP1 AUTO defibrillators are being recalled by the manufacturer.  If you are the owner or guardian of a defibrillator, check if yours is affected as soon as possible. Find out more (external link).


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