Mediana HeartOn A15 Semi Automatic Defibrillator

image-of-mediana-a15-defibrillator Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator image-of-mediana-a15 Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

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What's Included?

Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

Estimated battery life up to 5-years on standby

1 set of pre-connected adult/child electrode pads

Soft carry case

User guide

Save £156 inc. VAT with this Mediana A15 Defibrillator.

IMPORTANT: This device does not include an AED first response kit as standard. We strongly recommend that you keep a kit with your defibrillator at all times.

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More Information
Brand Mediana
10-year estimated running cost £689.95 inc vat
Defibrillator weight 2.65kg
Defibrillator dimensions (H) 29.4cm (W) 24cm (D) 9.5cm
Waveform Biphasic truncated exponential
Defibrillator warranty 5-years
Shock times Shock analysis time, typically 13 seconds
Daily self-tests Tests MCU and memory (RAM, ROM) integrity, battery capacity and ECG algorithm.
Weekly self-tests Tests waveform delivery circuit low (2J) energy test, ECG circuit test in addition to the daily self test.
Monthly self-tests Waveform delivery circuit high (50J) energy test in addition to weekly self test.
Maintenance alert Battery level indicator, Pad condition checks
Drop tested 1 meter
CPR support Voice guidance
Child mode Child mode switch
Included accessories Carry case, Electrode pads, Battery
Estimated pad life
Up to 2 years
Number of shocks 200
Estimated battery life 4-5 years
Electrode pads age rating 1+ year-old, 8+ year-old
Battery type A15 LiMnO2
Operating temperature 0°C to 43°C
Storage temperature 0°C to 43°C
Relative humidity 5% to 95%
Energy output Adult: 185J to 200J. Child: 45J to 50J
Warranty (device only) 5-years

Adult and Child setting at the flick of a switch...

About the Mediana HeartOn A15 Defibrillator

Designed for use on adults and children without the need to change the pads or insert a key, the easy-to-use Mediana HeartOn A15 defibrillator is suitable untrained responders. The unit is supplied with a protective outer cover, which when opened by the easy sliding switch, automatically turns on.

Why the HeartOn A15?

Featuring user-paced, friendly instructions with the defibrillator pads are already connected and ready to use. LED indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts and visual icons clarify the necessary actions. The adult/child mode switch allows the correct setting without changing the pads, saving valuable time in an emergency and is suitable for all schools, clubs and groups

The benefits of the HeartOn A15 are:

Instant switch from Adult to paediatric. Pads suitable for both Adults and Paediatric

Suitable for all schools, clubs and groups

Automatic switch on when lid opened

Pads connected, ready for use

Suitable for first time users or emergency responders

Exceptional value


  • Semi-Automatic - The user is clearly instructed to deliver the shock at the press of a flashing button should it be needed
  • Rigorous self-testing, from power on and battery insertion tests to weekly and monthly tests
  • Suitable to use on both adult and paediatric with one set of pre-connected pads and a simple flick of a switch from adult to child mode
  • Visual icons and LED indicator lights flash with corresponding voice prompts
  • Status indicators - user status, battery status and temperature range status
  • Estimated battery life up to 5-years on standby
  • Defibrillator pads: up to 2 years shelf life if not used in an emergency
  • 5 year warranty on the unit

What's included:

  • 1 x Mediana HeartOn A15 defibrillator
  • 1 x Disposable lithium Battery
  • 1 x Set of pre-connected Adult/child electrode pads
  • 1 x Defibrillator manual
  • 1 x Soft carry case
  • 5-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the unit

What else will you need:


Creating a nation of life savers

Defibrillators save lives. For the 30,000 people who have out-of-hospital cardiac arrests ever year, quickly receiving CPR and an electric shock from a defibrillator gives them the best chance of survival.  If a defibrillator is used within four minutes it can increase the person’s chances of survival by three quarters. This is why getting defibrillators into workplaces, communities and public spaces is so important.

You can help to make the UK a country where more people survive cardiac arrest by learning CPR and getting a defibrillator for your local community or workplace.

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