Philips HeartStart HS1 Defibrillator with Slim Carry Case

Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator
Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator in open carry case Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator carry case Open Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator Back of the Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator Back of the Philips heartstart HS1 defibrillator carry case Philips heartstart HS1 adult smart pads
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Philips HeartStart HS1 defibrillator with free carry case

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What's Included?

The HeartStart HS1 comes with:

HeartStart HS1 Semi Automatic defibrillator

Slim Carry Case

Up to 4-years estimated battery life, 4-year warranty

1 set of Adult Smart Electrode Pads

User manual

Quick reference guide

First set of replacement pads free of charge.
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More Information
Brand Philips
10-year estimated running cost £712.80 inc vat
Defibrillator weight 1.5kg
Defibrillator dimensions (H) 18cm (W) 22cm (D) 6cm
Waveform Truncated exponential biphasic
Defibrillator warranty 8-years
Daily self-tests Checks the battery is connected and has enough charge left to deliver shocks in case of emergency. Checks the pads are connected and can also be used in an emergency.
Weekly self-tests Performs a weekly self-test
Monthly self-tests Performs a monthly self-test
Maintenance alert Audio condition alert, ‘Ready to use’ status indicator
Drop tested 1 meter
CPR support Voice guidance, Adaptive voice instruction
Child mode Additional paediatric pads available
Included accessories Carry case, Electrode pads, Battery
Estimated pad life
Up to 2 years
Number of shocks 200
Estimated battery life 4-5 years
Electrode pads age rating 8+ year-old
Connectivity and data storage First 15 minutes of ECG and the entire incident's events and analysis decisions.
Battery type HS1 LiMnO2
Operating temperature 0°C - 50°C
Storage temperature 0°C to 43°C
Relative humidity 0% to 95%
Energy output Adult: 150J. Child: 50J
Warranty (device only) 8-years

Ready to Act. Ready to go.

For the extraordinary moment

About the Philips HeartStart HS1 semi automatic defibrillator

The HS1 is designed to be the easiest to set up and use, and the most reliable defibrillator available. The HS1 defibrillator acts as your personal coach to guide you through the process of treating a victim of suspected sudden cardiac arrest. The HS1 AED provides real-time guidance through simple, step-by-step voice commands and CPR coaching.

Why this defibrillator?

The HS1 includes features to help guide the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest with easy setup, clear voice commands and a real time metronome for performing CPR.  The HS1 has adaptive instructions and intelligent sensors keep you on track to automatically deliver the right therapy, helping give you the confidence to lead the way to save a life. With voice prompts to guide you through a simple step-by-step process and intelligent sensors automatically deliver the right therapy so you can be assured when the moment comes, you will have a partner by your side.

The benefits of the Philips HeartStart HS1 are:

Clear voice instructions including CPR coaching

Small and light weight

Virtually ready to use out of the box

SMART electrode pads recognise when they have been removed from the cartridge

Voice instructions are paced precisely to your actions

With patented Quick Shock, the HeartStart OnSite is among the fastest in class at delivering shock treatment after CPR



  • Robust one-piece design
  • SMART Analysis assesses the victim’s heart rhythm and is designed to only deliver therapy if needed
  • Can be used on children 1-8 year old with optional paediatric pads
  • Automatically adjusts to a lower energy level for infants and children when the infant/child SMART pads cartridge is installed
  • Performs more than 85 self-tests monthly, weekly and daily (including the proper functioning of the electrode pads).
  • Defibrillator status indicator
  • CPR coaching
  • SMART Biphasic high current with low energy maximizes shock effectiveness
  • Arrives virtually ready to rescue
  • IP21 rating

What's included:

  • Philips HeartStart HS1 semi-automatic Defibrillator 
  • FREE slim carry case
  • 1 set of Philips Heartstart HS1 Adult Smart Pads Cartridge
  • Estimated 4-years battery life on standby, standard lithium battery, 4 years warranty. 
  • 8 years standard warranty for defibrillator
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Owner Manual

What else will you need:

Cabinet or wall bracket to hold your defibrillator

Defibrillator sign and poster to make the defibrillator easy to find in an emergency

Creating a nation of life savers

Defibrillators save lives. For the 30,000 people who have out-of-hospital cardiac arrests ever year, quickly receiving CPR and an electric shock from a defibrillator gives them the best chance of survival.  If a defibrillator is used within four minutes it can increase the person’s chances of survival by three quarters. This is why getting defibrillators into workplaces, communities and public spaces is so important.

You can help to make the UK a country where more people survive cardiac arrest by learning CPR and getting a defibrillator for your local community or workplace.

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