Registering your defibrillator

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Registering your defibrillator

You should register all defibrillators with the national defibrillator network, The Circuit.  

The Circuit aims to map every defibrillator throughout the UK.  

When you register with The Circuit, ambulance call handlers can see vital information in an emergency, including:  

  • the precise location of a defibrillator  
  • the defibrillator’s availability (24/7, office hours, weekdays only)  
  • whether it’s in a locked cabinet and, if so, the access code.  

You can join The Circuit even if your defibrillator is not publicly accessible.  

The Circuit also helps you look after a defibrillator. It can:

  • remind you when to check your defibrillator
  • tell you when defibrillator pads or batteries need replacing
  • alert you when a defibrillator has been used in an emergency